About Valhalla Mind

Hi, I am Zane Baker, Teacher and Co-Founder of the Valhalla Mind Community, and here’s our story and what we are all about:

Valhalla Mind is an educational organization founded in 2014 by Geoffrey Hand and Zane Baker.

Geoff and Zane
Geoff and Zane

At the Valhalla Institute, we made it our mission to help you build the life you deserve. 

We have a team of qualified writers, meditation experts, hypnotherapists, life-coaches, scientists and volunteers who are working around the clock to bring you the best learning programs that we can put together.

Our goal is to get you comfortable with yourself; we want you to learn what makes you “YOU” and how to build up and improve on that from there. We all have latent potential that can be materialized if we work on through personal growth, self-help, coaching and life-changing transformation.

All we ask that here at The Valhalla Institute, you keep an open mind and dive into learning.  Success is a journey and anyone who tells you otherwise is simply not telling you the truth.

But enough about us, The Valhalla Mind community is about you.

  • Helping you write your own success story.
  • Helping you create an action plan.
  • Helping you take the next step.
  • Helping you know more so you can do more.
  • Helping you realize your goals and aspirations, and
  • Most importantly, helping you become the BEST “YOU” you can be.

At Valhalla Mind, my team and I are committed to providing actionable personal development techniques and strategies that are easy to follow and can be implemented immediately to improve your life now and make your outlook about the future more promising!

We are tired of all the mumbo-jumbo stuff out there; we are big advocates of facts backed up by legitimate research and real life experiences!

We are bringing you the most valuable information available to help you improve in the most important aspects of your life. The tips provided here are meant to guide you to a healthier, happier and more successful life!

We take the Law of Attraction to a whole new level. We explore brain science, personality traits, career choices in a fun and actionable way. We mix inspiration and motivation with step-by-step methods that are designed to unleash the power with you to lead the life you dream of!

Our mission is to transform 1,000,000 lives using the methods outlined above, so if you are ready to live a better life. A life filled with joy, well-being, vitality, prosperity, and success – then you are at the right place!

Welcome to Valhalla Mind!

Meet the Team:

Zane Baker:

Zane is also the Co-Founder and CEO of The Valhalla Mind Institute. With more than 10 years of experience in leading teams in exceeding goals while putting heartfelt service to clients and customers at the core of their work, Zane’s vast background includes both leadership and on-the-ground roles as a tactical linguist, human resource, professional, training technology expert, personal and professional development coach, and entrepreneur.

His passion is adult education and training in entrepreneurial business skills, personal development, values-based wealth creation and personal autonomy.

In 2012 Zane shifted his focus to entrepreneurship and coaching. Since then he has launched two successful companies, taught and coached thousands of students via live and Internet-based training, and inspires two lively Facebook communities daily.

Zane is a leader, a hands-on team player, an instructor, a guide and a visionary who delivers a realistic and inspirational approach to the teaching of practical, life-changing skills.  He is the Founder of the Valhalla Mind Newsletter which publishes world-class advice on all aspects of physical, emotional, medical and spiritual self-reliance.

Zane speaks two languages fluently and has traveled the world, living and learning from different cultures along the way. He is passionate about helping others achieve their highest potential, and is a humanitarian who supports many different causes and organizations that offer help, comfort and compassion all over the world, including The Humane Society, Doctors Without Borders, The Red Cross, and many more.

Geoff and Crystals

Geoff Hand:

Geoff Hand is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Operations of The Valhalla Mind Institute.

Geoff brings a fascinating history of professional experiences that range from sociology to linguistics, from process development to online marketing.

He speaks several languages, loves animals, horticulture, the outdoors, traveling and coaching.

Geoff brings his long list of professional accomplishments, achievements, and awards through association with the likes of the United States Department of State, The Society of Human Resources and Growth to Valhalla Mind and its offerings,

Geoff’s vast background includes leadership, sociology, organizational restructuring.

Geoff is a training technology expert, personal and professional development coach, and entrepreneur.

This is just a little glimpse of the team behind Valhalla Mind. We hope to bring our knowledge and enthusiasm to serve you and help you!