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Zane Baker is A Master Success Coach & Inspirational Speaker | Co-Founder of The Valhalla Mind Institute | Co-Founder of The My Daily Zen Transformational Program| Creator of The Valhalla Institute Newsletter | Creator of The Valhalla Mind Community, one of the most active self-growth and personal development Facebook Pages with over 600,000+ followers and growing.

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Do You Really Care What People Think Of You?

Do You Really Care What People Think Of You?

Do You Really Care What People Think Of You? When I first heard Abraham’s guidance to not give a rip what other people think, I...
Success Story: What Losing 170 Pounds Did For His Confidence

Success Story: John David Glaude’s Brave Weight-Loss Story

Success Story: John David Glaude's Brave Weight-Loss Story John David Glaude made a name for himself by being brutally honest about what it takes to...
honesty and friendship

3 Steps to Honesty in a Friendship

Guest post by: Aimee Halpin I have been told I am good at listening to my friends.  I always "hear" what they don't say, even...
father daughter bond

19 Reasons Why Your Father-Daughter Bond Is Unbreakable.

In the spirit of Father's day, I decided to write this article that I hope you'll enjoy! Every father and daughter out there share quite...
How do you view the world - Personality Test Featured

How Do You View The World?

Personality Test: How Do You View The World ? Your view of the world as you know it was impacted by multiple factors! Things like the environment,...