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Brad Maybury teaches mindfulness practices, helping clients connect more deeply with their body and gain greater calm, vitality, and wellness! Those with symptoms of anxiety, stress and trauma go from surviving to thriving.

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Ultimate Success Toolkit

Ultimate Success Toolkit: 10 Powerful Motivational Tools That Guarantee Success

Hello Success Seekers, Today, I am so excited to present to you The Ultimate Success Toolkit. The kit is designed to inspire, motivate and push you...
isles of scilly featured

The Isles of Scilly Swimrun: A New Wild Adventure

If you’re looking for an andidote to the sterile world of Ironman and triathlon, then swimrun allows you to – quite literally – immerse yourself in nature at its most visceral

10 Things You Should Never Apologize For Not Now, Not Ever

10 Things You Should Never Apologize For – Not Now, Not Ever!

If you're honest with yourself, then you know that some point you'll make a decision that someone won't support and that's ok. 10 things you should never have to apologize for.
Success Habits: Successful Vs. Unsuccessful People

Success Habits: Successful Vs. Unsuccessful People

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of...
Cuddle Science

Cuddle Science: 5 Reason Why You Should Cuddle With Your Spouse or Partner.

As a species, we are natural born cuddlers. New babies feel warm and protected when held in the arms of their parents. Friends hug all the...