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7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Meditation

Just like any other activity that brings value to your life, you can maximize your meditation experience by following a few simple guidelines that will help you expand and take your practice to the next level!
live simply

Learn to Live Simply Through Happy and Hard Times

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. ... A simple life is good with me - how about you?
cleanse your aura

How To Protect and Cleanse Your Aura From Negative Energy?

Anyone can use aura protection for themselves and learn the slew of techniques that can help protect and cleanse the aura from any negative energy.
How To Make Yourself More Approachable

How To Make Yourself More Approachable

             How to Make Yourself  More Approachable     Embed from Getty Images   Have you ever wondered why some people are more approachable than others? Sadly, there are many...
words of wisdom - tv shows - hollywood hills

Top 20 Words of Wisdom From Movie & TV Characters

Do you watch Tv? Movies? Netflix? Well, I do! And while the activity of watching TV is often frowned upon by many and considered as a...