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Happier Cities

How to Create Happier Cities

Urban spaces can be designed to make people feel happier, behave better and be kinder – and there are financial benefits too

Success Story: What Losing 170 Pounds Did For His Confidence

Success Story: John David Glaude’s Brave Weight-Loss Story

Success Story: John David Glaude's Brave Weight-Loss Story John David Glaude made a name for himself by being brutally honest about what it takes to...
live simply

Learn to Live Simply Through Happy and Hard Times

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. ... A simple life is good with me - how about you?
meditation apps

Five of The Best Meditation Apps

Boost your mindfulness and try to rise above digital distractions with these apps to carve out time for peaceful reflection

How to Quiet Your Mind - 6 Simple Techniques

How to Quiet Your Mind – 6 Simple Techniques

This Article simply explains how to quiet your mind with 6 simple yet proved techniques. So, Let's Get Started! Does your mind go constantly? This is an issue...