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Ultimate Success Toolkit

Ultimate Success Toolkit: 10 Powerful Motivational Tools That Guarantee Success

Hello Success Seekers, Today, I am so excited to present to you The Ultimate Success Toolkit. The kit is designed to inspire, motivate and push you...
Toxic Habits

8 Toxic Habits You Should Just Get Rid Of

The sources of negativity in our lives are limitless. People are more inclined to talk about the negative rather than the positive. However, we as...
honesty and friendship

3 Steps to Honesty in a Friendship

Guest post by: Aimee Halpin I have been told I am good at listening to my friends.  I always "hear" what they don't say, even...
Personality Quiz

What Kind of Old Person Will You Become?

If you been following my work for a while, you know I love quizzes. In the past I brought you some serious personality quizzes, today...
How to create positive change in the world

How to create positive change in the world

“Every Journey starts with a 1st step, and today I am taking my 1st step in changing the world” is a quote I have written and...