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Top 10 American Cities

Top 10 American Cities to Watch the Sunrise

Rise and shine my friends! Let your adventure begin early at one of these Top 10 American Cities, each perfectly known for taking in a...
Simple Guidelines for Successfully Achieving Your Goals

Simple Guidelines for Successfully Achieving Your Goals

Hi everyone, First of all, Thank you all for the awesome messages wishing me a happy birthday! Your love and support are truly felt! 2015 has...
Mental Health

How Living Near The Sea Can Improve Your Mental Health

The mental health of many people in the current times has deteriorated significantly. This is attributed to the hectic and very demanding lifestyles. That has lead...

Which Animal Do You Transform Into?

Hey Y'all! Zane here wishing you an AWESOME FRIDAY! Let's start the day with an awesome quiz to know which animal do you transform into?   Based on...
overthinking mind - shutterstock

How to Calm an Overthinking Mind In 5 Lifehacking Ways

Whether you worry about what has happened yesterday, or you worry too much about what might happen tomorrow, these 5 lifehacks are going to help!