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4 Ways To Boost Your Mood With Aromatherapy

Get an instant pick me up by spraying on your own custom blended aromatherapy body mist. Brigitte Mars, who's a U.S. herbalist, nutritionist, and author...
power of hypnosis

The Power of Hypnosis

The Power of Hypnosis What is hypnosis? It’s really not like what they make it sound in the movies. Hypnosis is a natural state of focused attention,...
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QUIZ: What Is Your Psychological Age?

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Which Chakra Is Out Of Balance?

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Nicky Lidbetter ‘I lead by gut instinct.’ Photograph Christopher Thomond for the Guardian

Nicky Lidbetter: ‘My anxiety has been a motivator’

Despite having panic attacks, Nicky Lidbetter runs two mental health charities. She believes devolved health and social care budgets could offer charities more opportunities