Does David Bowie’s Blackstar Sleeve Hold a Secret? Help Us Find Out!

David Bowie's Blackstar Sleeve
This is the shiny CD version of David Bowie’s Blackstar: if you have the vinyl we’d like your help... Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA

I am big fan of David Bowie and always will be! Recently, I read that fans discovered stars shining through Blackstar album cover

The edition vinyl cover is black card with a five-pointed star cutout to expose the vinyl record itself.

The album was described by Bowie’s long-time producer Tony Visconti as a “Bowie’s parting gift” to his fans, who discovered the packaging’s hidden gift in early May.

One post on “Imgur”; the image sharing site said “A friend discovered that if you expose the Blackstar gatefold to sunlight a star field appears. What a beautiful secret.”

On another note, Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, took to Twitter saying “Leaving us surprises even now. So clever. So missed.”

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