History of the Universe

History of the Universe

A Journey Back in time – The Universe Uncoded

In this “History of the Universe” video series, Richard Garriott, video game developer and space entrepreneur, explains to us how he and his wife have collected enough artifacts to illustrate to us the entire history of our beloved universe.

 Part 1 – The Big Bang:

In this video he takes us on a tour dating all the way back to the very beginning.

History of the Universe Part two – Earth Forms:

Here Richard shows us how Earth formed, how remnants of that formation still wander the solar system and how our planet came to be covered by oceans.

History of the Universe Part 3- Life Begins:

Life first began on Earth in a CO2 rich atmosphere. Plants evolved that can still be found today. But when oxygen started building up, that emergent life got into trouble.

This video series appeared first on Scientific American – Please visit Scientific American Here.