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The Secret Language of Nature

Written by Zane Baker

The secret language of nature

Today I bring to you a fantastic journey of self-discovery, courtesy of mother nature.

In the natural world, everything from snowflakes to seashells has fractals or in layman’s terms never-ending geometric patterns that are independently complex yet appear gracefully simple.

In 1975 scientists first discovered that when divided, each part of the fractal is actually a smaller replica of the whole shape.

But as it turned out, there are more to fractals than just a beautiful geometric design.

MICHAEL CONFORTI, Ph.D., who’s known nationally and internationally for his studies in the field of Matter-Psyche. In his latest book Fields, Form, and Fate: Patterns in Mind, Nature, and Psyche; Conforti, explains that the repeating patterns in nature, and design can create a calming effect when you gaze upon them.

Since the beginning of time, people looked at fractals to help center their minds; that’s why fractals patterns are often replicated in items used for prayers such as the spacing between rosary beads or the spiral found in the ancient Hindu temples.

“Those patterns are there to help focus the mind as you pray.” says, Conforti.

Additionally, each fractal also carries a symbolic meaning and the meaning of the pattern we are most drawn to can give us clues into our innermost interests and character traits.

Ok now let’s have some fun!

To see what your favorite fractal say about you simply gaze at the patterns shown below and find the one you find most beautiful or calming.

Once you find your fractal go to the bottom to read what that specific one tells about you!

The Secret Language of Nature - sunflower - personality trait


The Secret Language of Nature - succulent - personality trait


The Secret Language of Nature - snowflake - personality trait


The Secret Language of Nature - nautilus - personality trait


The Secret Language of Nature - galaxy - personality trait



The Secret Language of Nature - sunflower - personality traitif you are drawn to the design of the sunflower, then you are an optimistic soul.

The Italian word for sunflower is girasole, which means (turn to the sun) says Conforti.
If you are found the texture and the design of the sunflower fascinating, then just like the beautiful flower you always look on the bright side.

You are focused, and detail oriented, and just like the sun you shine your bright light on any challenge that you or others might counter.

Your absolute faith will abolish negativity and as a result, people always gravitate towards your sunny spirit when they need to pick me up.


The Secret Language of Nature - snowflake - personality traitIf you are drawn to the snowflake design, then you are imaginative.

Being drawn to the design of a snowflake indicate that you have a great imagination and that you find inspiration in the beauty of your surroundings.

Did you know that every snowflake is unique?

If you didn’t, then you just learned something new today 🙂

You use your creativity to express your individuality.

This ability to dance to your own beat, to generate new ideas and to see the world with a fresh perspective guarantees that you will never have a dull moment.
People tend to gravitate to you and are always looking for you for new and innovative ways to do something.


The Secret Language of Nature - succulent - personality traitif you are drawn to the design of a succulent, then you are bighearted.

Admiring the overlapping leaves of succulents signifies that you are a perspective and compassionate soul.

You know that change is inevitable, and most of the times it can be really tough but much like the unfurling leaves of this plant you recognize that staying open under hardship and during difficult times is what allows you to grow.

You are also known for your innate kindness, consideration for others, resiliency under pressure, and your ability to comfort others in time of need!

These traits along with your intuitive nature make you the friend that everyone turns into for help.

You continually attract a large circle of loyal friends, coworkers, and loved ones, and sometimes even strangers.


The Secret Language of Nature - nautilus - personality traitIf you chose a Nautilus, then you’re problem solver.

The design of a Nautilus seashell has perfect symmetry, and It is spatially exact all the way through, says Conforti.

If you’re drawn to this pattern, it means you have an incredible eye for organization, you are even-keeled and always take things at a steady pace.

You’re also a practical, and systematic thinker who understands that the best way to conquer any problem is by breaking it down and taking it step-by-step.

That’s why love ones always turn to you for solid advice.


The Secret Language of Nature - galaxy - personality traitif you are drawn to the pattern of the galaxy, then you are introspective.

If you found herself enthralled by the swirling clusters of stars, then you have a curious nature, and you love to contemplate life mysteries.

A galaxy draws the attention inward and directs one focus on the very center; similarly, you tend to pull your own focus inward and often get lost in your own thoughts.

You are a deep thinker who prefers the quiet spots over the busy areas. You also find yourself gravitating toward peaceful places, no wonder you always find yourself having AHA moments!

You are very careful about what you share with others, and that’s okay. Those who know the real you will always come to you for inspiration and insight.


I told you this post is going to be a journey of self-discovery, courtesy of mother nature. Now you know why I titled the article as the secret language of nature.

I had a blast researching this article, and I hope you enjoyed it too!!

Please give it a share 🙂


Ps. as always, let me know your thoughts about the article in the comment section below.

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