How to Calm an Overthinking Mind In 5 Lifehacking Ways

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For countless reasons, you might find your mind storming.

And in the most stressing moments, your mind always tends to overthink.

Overthinking is mostly a common phenomenon for almost everyone of us.

feeling overwhelmed

We have overthought at least once in any given moments in our lives.

So, we can say that overthinking is not a rarity!

But surely, overthinking is not positive at all.

Overthinking has some dark sides.


What if I tell you, having an overthinking mind can even kill you!

Yes, overthinking can be this dangerous.

Overthinking starts as a few thoughts clouding our mind, then it grows from there!

Overthinking then grows into fear, and from that fear we fall into the abyss of the never ending scenarios of how everything can go wrong.

Sound familiar, doesn’t it?

So, now that you know how dangerous overthinking can be for you, join me in taking action today against overthinking.

You have treated overthinking as a common matter like your others general issues.

But overthinking is not that innocent.

Don’t treat it as an innocent, non-important issue.

Overthinking might be the reason for why things are not working out!

Trust me, overthinking is lethal.

So, what can be the solution to get rid of overthinking?

The only way to get rid of this problem is to keep the mind calm.

Your mind is the ultimate controller of your human body.

So, if someone has control over his mind, well, then he/she can easily win against his/her overthinking issue.

Below, I am going to discuss with you 5 lifehacking tips to help you take cortrol of your overthinking mind.

How to Calm an Overthinking Mind In 5 Lifehacking Ways

1. Notice What Triggers Your Mind To Overthink

Awareness is key when trying to keep a calm mind.

So aim to focus on the events or the moments you usually tend to overthink.

When you are aware of what event or moment triggers your mind to overthink, then you have a leg up over your mind!

Make a list of events, topics, issues or memories that tend to ping your mind to overthink and start to work through them.

For help with sorting out through the events and issues, seek the help of a professional such as a life coach or a therapist.

2. Challenge Your Thoughts

This is one of the boldest ways to keep your overthinking mind in check.

When you have the “Excuse my French ” BALLS to question what thoughts your mind hold as true, you will instantly feel more in control.

When in control, you tend to feel calmer and more collected!

This is not only a bold lifehack but a darn effective way to calm the mind!

So, stand up against to your mind and question them thoughts!

Not everything you or I hold in our minds are true and the # 1 step to gain control over our mind is to stop the false thoughts from ruining our lives by simply questioning them!

3. Allocate Time for Reflection

Stick with the same problem for a long period of time, and you are almost guaranteed not to find a solution for the problem.

So, what’s the solution then?

Take time to reflect!

In order to calm your mind, you need to teach it how to reflect!

So learn how to look at the world from a different perceptive.

I made it a habit of mine to reflect on my entire week’s events on Sunday Morning.

I start by listing all my accomplishment and bask in my own glory but then I look at what I could improve, what events and circumstances have occurred that were less than Ideal and how can I learn from them and handle them better for the future.

Note: Journaling, goal-setting, and meditation are great ways to introduce reflection to your daily life if you already haven’t done so.

4. Practice Mindfulness Yoga

Mindfulness is a great way to keep your mind calm and stay focused.

Add yoga to the mix and you have a winning combo!

Both the mental and physical action during mindfulness yoga will help bring peace into your mind.

They key here is to practice regularly!

When you do mindfulness yoga on a regular basis, you certainly will be more able to keep your mind calm and write your own destiny!

Its a big claim but its backed by science!

When we have a calm mind, we are more focused, decisive, and best of all have the clarity to take inspired action that literally will help shape our destiny!

5. Focused on Your Current Problem

If you have to overthink, then that’s ok!

But do yourself a favor and focus on the issue at hand!

Don’t try to fix yesterday’s mistakes and plan how to fix tomorrow’s errors.

This works really well for the persons who has to overthink.

If you or someone you know tend to overthink then I am giving you the golden formula to help keep your overthinking to the minimum!

So what is that golden formula?

The formula is, just think about your current challenge at hand.

I know you might have more than one challenge, but overthinking about thousands of problems at once will only get things worse.

When you think and overthink many things at once, you get more anxious, feel less emporewered and more likely you will feel overwhelemend and paralized by all that you have to deal with.

So what’s the fix?

Focus on one challenge at a time!

Yes, if you only focus on one issue at a time, then you are allowing your mind to process one issue at a time and not putting it on overdrive which causes you more anxiety and less action.

My goal for you is to help you feel more calm and empowered!

And in the above-mentioned points, I shared with you 5 lifehacking methods to help keep your mind calm and collected.

In my opinion, overthinking is a psychological issue that many people in the world suffer from.

So, you’re not alone!

Don’t get scared, and don’t try to overthink about why you always overthink in the first place.

Just follow any one of the lifehacks I talked about and lead a happy, worry-less, overthink-free life.

To a calm and collected you!


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