5 Practices To Boost Happiness

5 practices to boost happiness



A very common subject that a lot of my readers always ask me about.

Zane, you seem to be cheerful, extra-energetic, positive, how do you do that?

Well, it’s quite simple, I have a routine that I follow.

It starts with simple practice of giving gratitude. The minute I wake up, even before I am out of my bed, I give thanks to the great night sleep I received; I give thanks to the opportunity of a brand-new day with all the opportunities  that comes with it, I give thanks to me being alive and well and capable to serve, enlighten and educate.

Then it’s followed by a 10-minute meditation session to get me centered and on the right track.  To read more about why I use meditation daily, please read my article 7 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Life

As soon as I am done with my meditation, I down a tall glass of room-temperature water to hydrate my body and get myself set to start the day.

I know this sounds too simple but believe me when I tell you sometimes the best solution is the simplest solution.

Ps. I got for you this awesome infographic that shows you not one but 5 scientific-based practices that can boost your happiness.

Let’s take a look together:

5 practices to boost happiness

5 practices to boost happiness

Just click on the infographic above to enlarge it, or go here. This Infographic was created by Suzanne Bastear.

(H/T Suzanne Bastear.)

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