8 Life Rules That Will Position You for Greater Success

8 Life Rules That Will Position You for Greater Success

“I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.”  William Earnest Henley

Our attitudes are what propel our future.  So, how often do you take a mental scan on yours?  It’s easy to lose track of our thoughts and let the thoughts take the helm, but we need to start putting some things in place so that it becomes easier to see this pattern and stop it before it does too much damage.

 This artilce features the 8 Life Rules That Will Position You for Greater Success

The fear of the unknown can sometimes stem from the negativity we see around us daily.  Remember “Pig-Pen” from Charlie Brown?  Take a second and start to think of your negative thoughts as this cloud surrounding you like dirt from Pig-Pen.  It’s blocking your view of how things could be, so you just focus on the dirt.  This dark cloud follows us, making us negative in our personal and professional lives.  We stay under this cloud and let it direct our thoughts.

According to Amram Scheinfield, an expert on genetics, “In all the history of the world there was never anyone exactly else exactly like you, and in all the infinity of time to come, there will never be another.”  It’s time to start thinking like the great person you are.

  1. Remember that you control your attitude and how you react to things.

    A neighbor saw you outside and waved you over.  They started off in a nice conversation, but it quickly turned to “Your tree is dropping things on my husband’s car.  I would like you to pay for the tree to be cut down.”  Your brain is about to explode because they have a garage, that he never parks his car in.  Before you say something ridiculous that you can’t take back.    Breathe.  Think.  You could always say something like “Well, that tree has been here a long time and I love to look out the window at it.  It would make me sad if it was gone.  But you are free to cut the branches hanging on your side.”  Work to control what you can control.  Their issues are not yours.

  2. Start reading positive affirmations or motivational material in the morning.

    If you spend the first 15 minutes of your day thinking about good ways to deal with situations, perhaps when something arises you can pull forth one of those thoughts.  If you spend the first 15 minutes of your day scanning Facebook, chances are, you will see something negative and just reinforce old thought patterns.

  3. Avoid turning on the news when you get home.

    I know this one might be hard to do, but there is so much hate and negativity out there.  Try to focus on the positive by creating news outlets that share just as many happy stories as the negative ones.  If negative is constantly there for you to turn to, you are letting that control your thoughts once again.

  4. Ignore the F.M.L. “Fu*k My Life” friends.

    We all have them.  You go to whatever social media device you have and you scroll through your friends and invariably one of them is on a rant again.  They use more profanity than Eddie Murphy on old Saturday Night Live reruns.  They hate everybody and everything and everyone is out to get them.  There is this nice feature called “Hide”.  Go ahead and use it.

  5. Strengthen your mind.

    It’s time to stop using words such as “can’t” and replace them with words such as “can”.  Or even worse than “I can’t” is the phrase “I’m going to try.”  Really?  You are setting yourself up for failure with this.  You are mentally giving yourself an out.  You know it.  I know it.  Your boss knows it.  Yes, you can do something or no you can’t.  It’s a no-brainer.

  6. Be grateful.

    When is the last time you wrote down 5-10 things you were grateful for?  If it’s been a while, start now.  Keep this list handy where you can see it.

  7. Own up to your life.

    Don’t let circumstances take control by playing the victim.  When you place blame on others, they take control of your life.  You are literally giving them that control over you, your situation, even your job.  Don’t do that.  It is your fault.  Own it and move on.

  8. Remember that you are not perfect.

    Everyone, and I do mean everyone, makes mistakes.  Just don’t let that one mistake ruin you’re here and now forever.  Move forward.

We create what is going on around us.  I know you are not sure about this fact right now, but what we believe in our inner world, we start to project to the outer world.  It becomes a reality.  Have you ever met anyone without problems?  Even the happiest of people have problems, but it’s all in how they deal with them.  We place too much power in what we let others around us control and how we react can truly be up to us.

Has anyone ever said anything to you like “I don’t think you will meet that deadline.” And then you let it get into your head, so you in fact, did not meet the deadline.  That was their opinion of how they saw you and what you were able to accomplish.  You then accepted that as your reality.

Never let another person’s opinion become your reality because you are then relinquishing your control once again.

Perhaps the person who got in your head appears to have everything so you then compared yourself to them.  They became the mirror to which you tried to hold yourself accountable.  Never do that.  In fact, do the opposite.  Look for someone who has less than you, but is always happy, always making ends meet, and meeting each day with a smile no matter what.  That is the person who is going places.

You have to ultimately believe that you are enough and that you are worthy or positive things coming your way.  Love yourself with all your imperfections and start weeding through the negative thoughts.  Throw out any that no longer serve you.  You are making a beautiful garden, and quite frankly, some thoughts have no place there.

It’s time to focus on the here and now and let all the distractions fall away.  No past.  No future.  What are you doing right this minute to make the most of your thoughts?  Are you day dreaming?  Focus only on the task at hand, and let me know if you have some other tips that work for you.

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