How To Be The Best You? 7 Keys To A Positive Personality

7 Keys to a Positive Personality
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How To Be the Best You?
7 Keys to a Positive Personality

If you’re on a mission to become the best YOU that you can be then, you are at the right place!

Yesterday, I came across a video from one of my top favorite mentors and teachers; the one and only Brian Tracy.

In the video Brian so eloquently illustrated how we could live up to our true potential by cultivating 7 key traits.

These 7 traits will help you build a positive attitude which is the key foundation for a positive personality!

The most successful people in the world are hand down the most OPTIMISTIC people in the world.

How do I know that?

Because I studied them, interviewed them, worked with them and sought them as guides and mentors.

And I found the common-trait that most successful people have, is a positive personality!

But how to cultivate and build a positive personality?

The answer lies in the 9-minute video that inspired me to create this article in the first place!

Ok, let’s watch the video together:

For those who enjoy reading more than watching a video, here are the 7 key traits to build a positive personality.


1) Positive Self-Talk

Be kind to yourself and speak words of encouragement!

Use affirmations that are phrased in the present tense and in a positive way! Here are a few examples:

“I like myself!”

“I can do it!”

“I feel terrific!”

“I am responsible!”

2) Positive Visualization

Visualization is one of the most powerful tools that once used properly it can change your life forever!

No wonder this tool is used by most Olympians, athletes and world leaders!

3) Surround Yourself with Positive People

I am sure you headed the saying ” you are as good as your company”!

So make sure you choose the right group of friends and people!

Surround yourself with those who uplift you and inspire you.

If your immediate circle of trust has a positive personality then you’re most likely to have one too!

4) Feed Your Mind the Right Things

What you feed your mind, will eventually manifest into your current reality!

So what you are going to feed you mind?

Healthy nutritious things like affirmations, great audio programs, uplifting stories and music or are you got to feed it garbage?

The choice is yours, choose wisely!

5) Take An Active Part In Your Personal Development

Taking an inspired action and creating a personal development plan is one of the 7 keys to a positive personality.

So read books that development your skills and talents, go to seminars, attend virtual workshops, simply do the things that will expand you and move your forward on your journey.

6) Cultivate A Positive Health Habits

I cannot emphasize this point enough!

healthy habits lead to a healthy lifestyle!

So eat a well-balanced diet, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, take time off to recharge and rejuvenate and most importantly stay active on daily basis!

7) Have A Positive Expectations

What we believe we receive!

So by the virtue of the Law of Attraction, if you believe and expect great things to happen to you then guess what?

GREAT things will happen to you!

In conclusion, you don’t have to be born an optimist with a positive personality! You can create a positive personality by taking an active part in your life and by doing positive things like the 7 Keys that Brian explained in the video above!

So, get out there and make your life a positive life!

Till we speak again, love openly, live largely, and radiate positivity everywhere you go!

Love and light,

H/T: Brian Tracy