How To Make Yourself More Approachable

How To Make Yourself More Approachable

             How to Make Yourself  More Approachable



Have you ever wondered why some people are more approachable than others?

Sadly, there are many people who feel completely unattractive when they are not approached by others. Others on the other hand, try to approach others yet they get negative response without knowing why they got it. Both groups s start forming negative beliefs about themselves that have no validity.

The reason I wrote this is let you know how you can become more approachable and also let you know how you can get a positive response when you approach others.

Let’s Explore These Tips to Become More Approachable

To become more approachable and most importantly to get a positive response when others approach you,  you must understand the following concepts very well:

  • Most people are like you:You might ask, what the heck this suppose to mean? Simply put, it means that most people fear rejections, they want to feel accepted and feel happy when someone approaches them. The reason I began with this point is that this incorrect perception of others is the root cause of most of the approachability problems that happen when reach other. Let me rephrase it, sometimes people react negatively to those who are approaching them because they are afraid they’ll get rejected. by simply understanding this concept you’ll be miles ahead and stop to take thing personally!
  • Are you REALLY approachable?You need to pay attention to your body language.  If you are approaching someone or you are being approached, body language can make or break the interaction. So, look back at your last interaction with someone who approached you, did you project to the person you are talking to signs of acceptance? Did you smile, tense up or frown? Most people make the mistake of appearing unfriendly when being approached or when approaching others because of mistakenly believing that this makes them appear less desperate. Let’s face it,  if you approached someone without smiling or if you didn’t smile when someone approaches you then that’s a pretty straightforward sign that you are not open for business.
  • Confident people are approachable:Why is that the case? Because confident people smile often and when approached or approaching others, they use an open body language gestures. Therefore, people feel comfortable around them and so that’s the # 1 reason why confident people are approached more often!

    See if we stop our brain from focusing on minimizing the risk of rejection when being approached and instead focus on the interaction, the whole dynamic will change, think about it 😉

So How To Make Yourself More Approachable


Start by pushing your limits and get out of your comfort zone.

Forget about past experiences or rejections. Also forgive people and situations that have hurt you {Disclaimer, forgiveness here is for your own sanity, it’s not an approval of the A**holes have done}

Another recommendation I have for your is let go of any past emotional baggage so that you don’t carry you past bad attitudes to your future, making you less approachable. When you heal yourself, you open your heart and mind to being more easily approachable.

Another important thing that plays a major role in how we react to others is our immediate circle of trust. These the people we hang around. They can be spouses, family members, and friend. These people have a huge impact on our  personality traits. So make sure you surround yourself by people you trust and that are nurturing and caring!


It is also very helpful to start using affirmations to cultivate self-esteem and confidence.

Here are a few affirmations to get you started:

Present Tense Affirmations For Confidence
I am confident
I am strong and powerful
I boldly go after what I want in life
I am outgoing and confident in social situations
I believe in myself
I always stand up for myself and my beliefs
I confidently meet any challenge
I confidently speak my mind without hesitation
Others look up to me as a leader because of my confidence
I always express my thoughts and opinions with confidence

A very successful way to become more approachable and help yourself become more confident is to seek mentors. A mentor is someone who has an in-depth knowledge about a subject. He or She can help you take positive actions to modify behaviors and emotions that need more social/emotional work than what your friends or family members might be able to assist you with.

When you are confident and focused, you will be liked more, which translates to being perceived as more approaching than others, which leads to a more vibrant life full of friends and acquaintances.

I believe in you and in your ability to grow!

So TAKE ACTION today. Step into your life today and take an active role in becoming more happy and successful in all areas of life.


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