Learn to Live Simply Through Happy and Hard Times

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“The joy of a simple life is the greatest satisfaction.”
Laila Ibrahim

It always surprises me why we are always trying to over-complicate things.

Living simply is an art that need to be learned if you happened to suffer from an over-complicated life.

in the light of simplicity I wanted to introduce you to Daphne Rose Kingma’s  who’s a bestselling author and has made multiple guest appearances on Oprah as well as numerous other television shows and media outlets.

I personally love her article that illustrates the art of simple living; finding lightness in life with the art of letting go.

Learn to Live Simply Through Happy and Hard Times

Living simply is paring away — stuff, obligations, expectations, people.

Also, It’s removing all the glut and rubble from your life, making space in your house, your heart, your brain and your life for exactly and only what you need.

In addition, living simply is getting down to the core of things and returning to a way of living that most of us can only vaguely remember: pleasures that don’t cost piles of money, rewards you don’t have to buy in stores, amusements that don’t require a screen or scrabbling with hundreds of other people to get to.

When we live with simplicity we gain a sense of hope because at some level we really do know that we’re all in this together.

There is a sickening discomfort in our souls that comes from continually taking and using more than our fair share.

Also, the more of us who live simply, the more we can imagine that somehow we, as a species, might actually dig ourselves out of the landfill and climate change nightmares we have created by being such overindulgent pigs.

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Written by: Daphne Rose Kingma

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