Positive Momentum
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If you find yourself growing more and more uncomfortable with your negative emotions, keep reading…

If they are annoying distractions to the little flame of peace and well-being starting to glow within you…

If you find yourself wanting to nurture even the smallest, most quiet feeling of self-appreciation…

If you find yourself wanting, really wanting, to be happy within yourself…

You are feeling your Silent Master. 

You have already met each other.  Now you can know that this little manifestation of real feeling is destined to unfold into the whole consciousness of love, peace, harmony, and creative power. 

All you need to do is harness this unfolding power, hold on to it, and let it grow.  Then consciously work to replace your negative emotional patterns with feelings that support your goal, whatever it may be.  Have you heard that nothing succeeds like success?  That is so.  Every positive feeling expands and creates more positive feelings.  Capture this momentum. 

Remember, “Your Silent Master expresses completeness, fulfillment, harmony, peace, joy, and love and imparts these qualities to everything it creates.”  Because your Silent Master is the consciousness of love, and because you are your Silent Master, love yourself!  Lift yourself out of your negative emotional patterns with determination, and total commitment.  
     –  by Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim, page 104
     –  See Rags to Riches article on Dr. Tae Yun Kim

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