Success Story: John David Glaude’s Brave Weight-Loss Story

Success Story: What Losing 170 Pounds Did For His Confidence

Success Story: John David Glaude’s Brave Weight-Loss Story

John David Glaude made a name for himself by being brutally honest about what it takes to lose not a few pounds but a whipping 170 pounds. He shares the real struggles and challenges that accompany the journey towards fitness and big-time weight loss.

Here John shares his inside perspective on what it really takes to lose 170 pounds!

Let’s watch:


What makes John Glaude transformation so inspiring is the fact that he didn’t use some magic pills or went to a plastic surgeon and then bam he’s skinny!

Believe me, I am not here to judge anyone’s choices, I personally believe in personal choices and traveling on our own journeys.

Anyway, I love how John has lost his weight while doing it the right way, which is slow and steady.

He would’ve been a great candidate for some really big TV shows “No Pun Intended” But he decided that he wants to do this for himself, so he started by changing his daily diet and committed himself to a regular training schedule. And the reward was no less than miraculous, he lost a whipping 170 pounds and achieved one dramatic transformation of body, mind, and life.

A transformation that the whole world need to see, to learn how being decisive, taking action and being committed can lead to life-long successes.

Here is another video I had to include here where John share’s what losing all that weight did to his confidence and how he still has struggles and how he deals with them.

I personally am very fit, but I love success stories that are inspiring and that highlights the human spirit and achieving our highest potential. Therefore, I follow John Glaude YouTube channels “Obese to Beast,” which has grown to well over 159,570 subscribers, make sure to check his latest videos there.

Also, here is one of his most recent Instagram post, look at the guy, he’s a living testament of what we can achieve if we set our mind to just do it!


Please join me in congratulating John on his amazing work and tell me your thoughts about this story in the comment section below.

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