Are you good at reading people?

Are you good at reading people

Are you good at reading people?

Are you a good people reader? Well, let’s put your ability to the test and see how good you really are?

This quick, yet effective and fun quiz will help you to find out how good you are at reading people?

Let’s do this”


Alright, my results stated that I am incredibly observant.

its, no surprise as my background is human psychology and coaching.

The test also highlighted my keen sense of alertness and my strong instincts.

I always prided myself with my ability at reading people’s emotions and making sense of the way they are feeling in an instant.

I am really interested in hearing your results!

So, what were your quiz results? Please share them with me in the comments below.

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If you want to improve your People-Reading Skills then use any of these methods below to achieve that:

  1. People watching:  I love to watch people, it doesn’t matter if I am at a store, airport or watching TV. People are people and the more you watch the more you learn.
  2. Sense using: Start using your different senses as many of them as possible and/or applicable. So instead of going through the day on autopilot, observe by watching, listening, and interacting with others. Check out people, take notice of their moods,  their clothing and the ways they position themselves in regard to others.
  3. Observing other signals:  nonverbal signals are very important when trying to improve your people skills. People use them to define and reinforce their reactions, relationships, and overall behavior. So make sure you observe a raised eyebrow, a slumped shoulder, or an evil grin.

Do you use other methods when interacting with others, I’d love to learn more from you 🙂