What Career Fits You Based On Your Color IQ?

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What Career Fits You Based On Your Color IQ? Take This Color Test To Find Out!

Do you love your job? Do you consider what you do as a reflection of who you are?

These aren’t particularly difficult questions, but in my experience as a life & career coach and as a training expert, there are many unhappy people who are working in careers that don’t align with their personalities nor the things that matter to them most.

So in essence, their work is not an extension of themselves!

In fact, some statistics go so far as to suggest that 80% of the current workforce are not in their ideal or dream careers.

Now, given that the average person spends more time at work than they do with their families, that statistic is staggering, wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s be realistic; life is too short to spend it in a career that leaves you feeling drained and unfulfilled.

I’ve learned that there are typically two reasons people don’t take action, either they tell themselves they can’t or someone else has told them they can’t. Whichever is true for you, it’s worth exploring.

So here’s a quiz to help you figure out if you are in a career that suits your personality.

The quiz is based on personality color psychology. I hope you like it!

So let’s give it a try:

I found the test was quite fun and somewhat true to my personality.

My results stated that I love music, and I’d be ideal for a career in recording, presenting or acting.

I do love music, but I am no singer LOL.

I do record my own meditations, and I do public and motivational speaking so that’s about 90% close to my test results.

Leave me a comment below to let me know how accurate this test was!

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