Are You Generation X, Y, Z Or Other?

Generation X

Which Generation Do You Actually Belong To? Generation X, Y, Z or Other?

Are you a Generation X, Y, Z?

People often wonder and sometimes debate regarding which generation they belong to?

But wonder/debate no more!

Today, I have an awesome quiz for you that’ll put the debate to rest once and for all!

Check it out below and once done, continue reading to learn more about the different generations.


What is a Generation?

A generation is defined as the length of time between a person’s birth date and their child-bearing years — in term of time, this is approximately 20 to 30 years.

A generation includes all the individuals who are about the same age and who have faced similar trials and triumphs during a given time period.

To date, there are six generations which we’ll explore next.

The 6 Generations and Their Names:

Each of the different generations go by different names!

However, one is always more dominant that the others whether we like it or not.

Find below the names and corresponding years (by broadest definition):

  1. G.I. Generation (also referred to as The Greatest Generation), 1901–1924
  2. Silent Generation (also referred to as The Lucky Few) 1925–1942
  3. Baby Boomers, 1943–1960
  4. Generation X (also know as 13th Generation, Baby Busters), 1961/64–1978/82
  5. Generation Y ( also known as Gen Y or Millennials), 1982–1996/2004
  6. Generation Z (also know as Zees, Homelanders, or Digital Natives), 1995/2005–present

This covers all the know generations.

So which one are you?

Generation X, Y, Z or others?

Please let me know which one are you in the comments section.

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