How Do You View The World?

How do you view the world - Personality Test Featured

Personality Test:
How Do You View The World ?

Your view of the world as you know it was impacted by multiple factors!

Things like the environment, your genes, parents, childhood, work life, partner, kids, loss, nature, trust or lack of, deception, love, are just a few to get your mind going.

But wonder no more, below I have a test that will help you determine how you view the world you live in.

I always prided myself on being an absolute optimist!

Despite growing up in a war-torn country where my family was always forced to stay vigilant of what’s happening and to stay well stocked up on food, water, and all other life necessities. I always was able to find the silver lining and after taking this test, I understand completely why I am like that.

So in a hurry, take the test below:

Quite fun, wasn’t it?

Here are my results:

Through A child’s Eye

Zane, The world is a huge and vast playground for you, filled with wonders to be explored and lessons to be learned. You love to travel, try new things and challenge yourself whenever you can. You always search for something you don’t know, a new lesson to take, or some new activity to explore. This is exactly what the world was made for! Congratulations, you got the best eyes in the world!

I was amazing by my results that I made Geoffrey’s take the test to make sure that my results weren’t a hoax.

Geoffrey is my business partner if you are wondering who the heck is Geoffrey πŸ™‚ You can learn more about me and Geoffrey and how we came about to bring you the Valhalla Mind Community here.

Geoffrey’s Results:

Through Imaginative Eyes

Geoffrey, while most people see the world as is, you see the world as you wish to see it!
While most people see a boring field filled with wreckage and ruins, you see a magnificent part of history, a vast playground filled with knowledge and stories we might never hear.
You truly have a gift, one that enables you to see things in a unique and special way, unlike most of us. You are truly wonderful! (We are so jealous!)

This seems to be very fitting to Geoff’s personality; I call him Mr. Dreamer πŸ˜€

Alrighty, your turn now!

You just took the test, so how do you view the world?

Let me know in the comments section below – you know how much I love reading your feedback!

Ps. Please Share The Fun With Family and Friends, After All, Sharing Is Caring!

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Happy Wednesday!