What Kind Of Animal Were You In A Past Life?

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What Animal Were You In A Past Life?

Past life animals (A.K.A Animal Spirits) carry within them meaningful messages and lessons for those who are in tune with the universe and are listening to what the universe is putting in their path.

Whether you believe in animal spirits or not, I want you to keep an open mind and take this quiz.

So Let’s Play and See What Kind Of Animal Were You In A Past Life!

I got an OWL!

I got an owl for past life animal

So Apparently in a previous life, I was an Owl.

Owls are graceful, quiet, and majestic, and just like the owl, you glide silently through the night.

Also, like the owl, you’re very independent and being self-sufficient is very important to you.

Additionally, you make the most of everything around you, and you tend to go with the flow of things.

Last but not least, as an Owl You would make a wonderful parent, but you’re not the kind that would spoil your children.

Matter of cat, you will teach your kinds how to look after themselves.

You are a symbol of guidance.

So, shine on OWL!

Alrighty, your turn, let me know in the comment section below what was your past life animal spirit <3

Ps. share the fun with your circle of family and friends and see what past life spirit animal they get:) 

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