Left-Brain/Right-Brain Test

Left Brain Right Brain Test

Left Brain Right Brain Test

Challenge your brain with this fun test to find out which side of your brain is the most dominant one?

Mine was spot on!

I knew all along that I am right side person, and the test results confirmed that the right side of your brain is much more dominant than my left side.

This makes absolute sense as I loved being creative, music is my form of stress relief, and I love writing and reading.

According to researchers, the right side of the human brain is responsible for our creative thinking, channeling our intuition, and our expressing our emotions.

Essentially, the right side of the brain is our most direct link to our heart.

My test results also confirmed that I am a person who is more connected to my emotions.

Personally, I like to experience different things in live, I feel my way through life, and I always follow my passions.

Tell me about your results – Do you feel find your result is truly accurate? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.