Quiz – What city suits your personality best?

What city suits your personality best

What city suits your personality best?

Do you live in a big city, but have a small-town personality?

Are you meant for warm climates, but live in a Snowmageddon?

Are you in the city that suits your personality best?

From the west coast of the United States to the north of France, discover which iconic city makes the perfect fit for you.

Let’s figure that out, take this quiz here:

So, what were your quiz results? Please share which city you’ve got in the comments below.

I got New York, United States which doesn’t surprise me at all!

The test said that I am witty, fun, and always on the go just like NYC which I loved. Since I grew up in a big city, I always find myself gravitating towards big cities.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy my in the middle of nowhere escapes every now and then but I’d like to go back to my house in the middle of everything and I meant everything, I like my coffee, food and gym so being close to these amenities is a must for me 🙂

What’s your preference? Are you a big-city or small-town person?

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