Do You Have The Intelligence Of A Scientist Or An Artist?

Quiz Do You Have The Mind Of A Scientist Or An Artist

Do You Have The Intelligence Of A Scientist Or An Artist?

Do You Have The Intelligence Of A Scientist Or An Artist?

Do you want to know if you have the mind of a scientist or an artist?

I hope you said yes, cause I have a fun quiz for you today!

You are about to embark on a self-discovery journey where you’ll be presented with nine questions to answer.

The questions vary greatly, regarding what type of intelligence you might possess.

Some questions will tap into things you have learned through literary experience, while others are more scientific based.

Based on the answers you’ll be given one of two types of intelligence: ARTISTIC or SCIENTIFIC.

So what are you waiting for, hit the Let’s Play button to find out your intelligence tendencies:

I got a Scientist!




While I have a very strong creative side, I do agree that I am more of a scientist at times.

Here is the explanation of a scientist:

You’re a scientist cause you have both the intelligence of critical and rational thinker.

As a scientist, you exude confidence and are passionate about facts and data.

Also, You have a strong desire to understand how things work.

You weigh all of the options before you make a decision and in the end you always follow your head over your heart. [I do follow my heart at times, especially when I can sense it ;)]

You’re intelligent, capable and industrious.

In addition, you find the natural world fascinating and there’s nothing you enjoy more than understanding why things are the way they are!

We’re all counting on you and your talent for the next great discovery or breakthrough!

Alrighty, your turn, let me know in the comment section below what kind of intelligence you have?

Ps. share the fun with your circle of family and friends and see what type of an intelligence they have:) 

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