What is Your Emotional State Right Now?

What is Your Emotional State?

What is Your Emotional State?


Here is is what I got:

Your brain is truly in love!

In your case, all three neurotransmitters have been ignited and are a recipe for genuine connection and intimacy.

Serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline come together in your mind as you fall head over heels a little bit more every day.

The adrenaline kicks in at a specific time, initiating sweaty palms and an accelerated heart rate when you see your special someone.

Dopamine then responds by giving you a rush of pleasure when you experience this “good” type of stress, followed by the happiness of serotonin that keeps this person popping into your thoughts and brightening your day!

Such a fascinating finding as that’s truly me.

I am a love magnet, I love love itself. I love loving others and having them love me back.

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