Cuddle Science: 5 Reason Why You Should Cuddle With Your Spouse or Partner.

Cuddle Science

As a species, we are natural born cuddlers.

New babies feel warm and protected when held in the arms of their parents.

Friends hug all the time and lovers spend a great deal of time just being in each other’s arms.

Scientist and relationship experts say that touching and hugging enhance the moods of the parties involved.

It makes them feel safe and protected.

Add to that the fact that it is so cushy and nice when you cuddle someone and you have a winning recipe for why you should spend time cuddling.

If you thought cuddling was no big deal, you should know that a huge majority of the world thinks otherwise.

In fact, we take cuddling so seriously that we now even have an App for it.

Cuddlr is a location-based social meeting app that connects people who want to cuddle. It’s like Tinder but for cuddlers.

This and many other forums have made cuddling much easier even for the single and lonely people who do not have spouses to hold close to them every night.

As is evident, we all need to feel a warm body next to ours.

It doesn’t have to be laced with ulterior motives. Platonic cuddling is just as effective as a lovers embrace.

If you are still not convinced that you need to be holding someone, here are five good science-backed reasons why cuddling is wonderful and should be classified as a basic need.

Cuddle Science: 5 Reason Why You Should Cuddle With Your Spouse or Partner.

1. It makes your relationship stronger:

Cuddle ScienceCuddling and caressing each other frequently is one of the best ways to foster a much stronger bond in a relationship. Long term relationship satisfaction requires lots of work. Some people believe that honesty is an integral part of it but when it comes down to the raw animal instinct, being close to your spouse or partner physically is the one thing that will get you through tough spots. This fosters happiness and sexual fulfillment which is essential for further growth and stronger bonds in long-term relationships.
This was actually proven by a survey conducted at the University of Hertfordshire in England by Richard Wiseman, a professor of psychology. The good professor asked 1,000 people to describe how they preferred to sleep with their partners (not sexually) as well as the quality of their relationship. The survey found that, out of all the couples who touched or cuddled when they slept, 94% of them were happy and content in their relationship. This was in contrast to those who didn’t cuddle when they slept. Only 68% of these people were happy in their relationships.

2. It is a great way to reduce stress:

Cuddle ScienceLife is stressful. Relationships sometimes do not make it any less so. In fact, if you are hooked to the wrong kind of person then your stress levels will definitely hit the roof. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin found that hugs and cuddling could reduce cortisol levels much faster. Cortisol is the steroid hormone released in response to stress. What this study shows is that hugging and holding your partner is a great way to reduce the stress in your life.
The study was about young girls asked to give unplanned speeches and solve math problems in front of crowd of complete strangers. This setting alone is enough to cause stress to any human being (maybe not politicians). The study found that their cortisol levels inevitably hit the roof when put through this ordeal. The study went on to divide the young ladies into different groups. One group received hugs and phone calls from their mothers and the other group watched an emotionally neutral video. The findings, conducted an hour after the ordeal, showed that the group that received hugs had exceptionally lowered cortisol levels when compared to the other group.

3. Cuddling makes sex even better:

Cuddle ScienceSex in itself is a wonderful form of relationship therapy. Seriously, try it. The next time you find yourself unnecessarily cross with your significant other, just have sex. See how much better you feel afterwards. You will notice that you are not as mad anymore. Now, adding cuddling to the mix is an even better cocktail. Studies show that couples who cuddle immediately after sex are much more intimately in touch with one another (pun intended). Research also shows that these couples are generally much happier with their sex life and that they generally have better communication and better sex. This is because at some primal level, they are in sync with one another.

4. It is a great way to face your fears:

Cuddle ScienceRelationships are all about companionship and making each other better people. This often involves helping one another through tough times and facing our fears together. Cuddling and general physical contact have been proven to make people bolder and more adept to facing their fears. A study conducted on married women found that just simply holding the hands of their spouses made them stronger and better equipped to face their fears. These women were told that they might receive a mild shock during the study and as you can imagine, this greatly raised their anxiety levels. This anxiety and fear were dialed back down considerably when they got to hold the hands of their male counterparts. So just holding hands does this, imagine what hugging can do!

5. It’s great for your overall health, both mental and physical:

Cuddle ScienceFrom reduced stress to lowered high blood pressure and even downright increased happiness, cuddling with your spouse is one of the best ways to ensure that you have a healthy lifestyle all round. No, this does not mean that you can now get off your diet and stop going to the gym. Research shows that physical contact, such as hugs and cuddling, is associated with higher oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is a multipurpose hormone that does our bodies and mental health a great deal of good. From making us feel good to helping us connect with our fellow human beings. Anything that increases the release of this hormone is highly welcome.

Relationships, in general, can be difficult. Especially if there are communication issues associated with it.

Cuddling is a great way to pass a message across non-verbally.

It goes to tell your partner or spouse that they are not alone.

It goes to tell you that someone cares about you and it goes to show you that you belong. Couple that with the fact that it feels amazing and you have enough reason to start cuddling right now.

So get cuddling 😉

I hope you enjoyed this article! Now, let me know in the comment section if you’re a cuddler or not?

Looking forwards to reading your comments.


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