How To Heal A Broken Heart: 5 Ways To Get Over a Broken Heart

Heal A Broken Heart

Imagine, you are going to have a cup of coffee and your best friend just showed up, and she was absolutely heartbroken. She just told you that her boyfriend just broke up with her.

Very sad but sounds familiar, doesn’t it.

We all have experienced a heartbreak either personally and up-close via friends, family members or even just watching it happen on your favorite TV show.

I personally was so sad when Rachel and Ross broke up on Friends. Who else remember that?

Anyway – BREAK UPS!

They do quite a number on the self.

When we experience that tragic event, we feel lost, splintered, in pain and feel an overall sense of unworthiness.

My overall goal for writing this article here is to help you get past that feeling, and my main goal is to help you move from the initial sting that comes from the loss of a relationship.

So are you ready to get back to your healthy and happy self?

So Let’s Explore How To Heal A Broken Heart: 5 Ways To Get Over a Broken Heart

  1. Use The Time to Get Back in Touch with Yourself.

    Use the new time you’ve just gained for some “me: time. Most likely, you’ve been in a relationship for a quite sometimes, or heck maybe you’ve been with that person for months. Now is the time for you to take a step back, re-access at your life, and move on to the next journey. During a break-up its essential to keep a positive perspective, everyone falls at a certain point in their life, what defines you is not how did you fall but how you got back up.

    So take the time to reconnect with yourself, re-kindle a friendship that kinda got lost in the shuffles of life. Take a weekend off and go out in nature; nature has quite a therapeutic effect on the heart and the soul.

    Most importantly, surround yourself with happy and positive people and do the things that make you happy.

  2. Cleanse

    Its time to clean! If you just got out of a relationship, then it’s time to declutter, clean and remove all memories of the past relationship.

    I know its hard, you have been with him or her for 1 year and you had a really good times but guess what if you keep surrounding yourself with old memories, you’ll never give yourself and your heart the chance to heal. So – CLEANSE!

  3. Try Something New

    During stressful life events, like a break-up, we may experience a variety of depressive-like symptoms that can be difficult to manage. But now is not the time for dwelling, now is the time for living. So start a new hobby or start going to the gym.

    The key here is to start doing something healthy that will take your mind off-of the break-up thing. Heck, who know’s you might meet your future-ideal-partner right at the yoga class you started taking or right at the creative writing course you started at your local community college.

  4. Disconnect on Social Media Networks You Use.

    Living in the new age of being connected all the times via social media, makes breaking-up very tough. We are always connected; we know what our exes are up-to, if they started dating again, where they moved into after the break-up, etc. So, ditch the social media connection with your ex. Unsubscribe on Facebook, unfollow on Twitter or Instagram. Literally remove their social media scent from your social media life.

  5. Stay Positive.

    I know, this is easier said than done. So if you catch yourself being overly negative, dwelling on your past, or simply seeing your glass as always half-empty, then SNAP OUT of it. Make a list of everything you have that you are thankful for it doesn’t matter how silly or insignificant you may think it is. This exercise is to help you mind shift focus from the negative to the positive. Also, if you ever catch yourself in one of these moods, SMILE widely, it’ll help you feel better and makes you look great instantly. If you’re cannot snap out of it then its time for the big-guns – call a friend, someone you trust, even better go meet that friend and don’t make your meet-up time a pitty party but instead tell him or her you feel down and you just want to snap out of that mood and start to think creatively with your friend of ways to start living a healthy and positive life again.

In reality, break-ups are not the end of life, it’s just a temporary event. If you trust in GOD, the Universe or any Super Power, then you know that things always happen for a reason.

So think positively, surround yourself with good people and let the healing process begin.

To a happy and vital you!