How Crystals Can Help You Get In the Best Shape of Your Life


Wellness and spirituality experts have confirmed that crystals have the ability to shape your life by changing your environment, health and energy deeply and cleverly.

While crystals have been used for a long time in various manners like in making of clocks and computers, thy can also be used to transform the human body!

Their potential to change the life of an individual cannot also be denied.

And I am going to explain to you why is that in the remainder of this article.

6 Ways Crystals can change the shape of one’s life.

1. Healing effect:

Chakra Healing
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The healing effect of crystals can help in restoring the functioning of your organs and cells to their optimum levels.

Certain red stones like Bloodstone and Jasper can help in improving any imbalance in blood cells.

Amber, Carnelian, and Citrine are some of the yellow and orange colored stones that can help in reducing problems in your stomach.

Peridot and Green Aventurine are the green crystals which can help in the growth of healthy cells due to their healing properties.

Blue Chalcedony and Blue Lace Agate are the light blue colored stones which can help in healing the problems in your throat.

Amethyst crystal can be used to heal headaches, whereas women interested in becoming pregnant can use Unikite to increase their possibilities.

All of these crystals and stones can work effectively by aligning and balancing your energy levels if you were to carry them or wear them continuously.

2. Abundance effect:

Aventurine_pebbles crystals
Green Aventurine Source:

Crystals have been known to increase abundance. There are several stones and crystals which can help you if you want to increase your prosperity abundantly.

You can wear Citrine and Green Aventurine for this purpose.

Also, you can surely attract money by keeping Pyrite in your wallet.

By wearing Citrine, you can be more careful with your money if you are facing a hard time and find yourself unable to hold money.

For business owners, you can increase the in-flow of money in the cash register if you keep a Citrine in it permanently.

For job seekers, wear a Green Aventurine for good luck.

For the general public, If you want to keep fortune and good luck within arms reach then keep a gem tree at your home, office, or business place.

3. Romantic effect:

pixabay-romantic crystal
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To improvement your romantic life, there are several crystals and stones that can help you in getting your romantic life in shape.

Normally, you can increase your romantic energy by wearing any pink stone.

Your love can surely find you, if you are a single, by placing two crystals of Rose quartz on the side of your bed.

You can place a cluster of Amethyst besides the cluster of Citrine to improve your love energy if you are already in a relationship as the clusters of these crystals work together to shape your love life.

Also, Amethysts help in making you feel more loving and agreeable with your significant other.

Furthermore, Citrine helps in increasing your confidence in your relationship.

To feel suitable for a great relationship wear a Watermelon Tourmaline crystal. And, to calm your emotions in a heated relationship utilize the help of a Pink Calcite.

Lastly, you can increase your passion and romance in general just by placing Garnet or Rose quartz under your bed.

4. Career effect:

Quartz Crystal - Wikimedia
Quartz Crystal

If you feel stuck in your career, then you can reignite your passion by placing a large piece of Garnet on your desk.

For managers and bosses, you can energize your team with the help of clusters of clear Quartz crystals.

Get creative and buy a Bloodstone paperweight for your desk if for whatever reason your project is facing blockage at every turn, as it helps in removing obstacles appearing in your way of success.

Also, You can face changes like new job, promotion or layoff with the help of Serpentine stone. And, you can draw more clients and money to your business by placing a Jade stone.

I have a green jade stone laces with red ribbons at my desk. The red keeps my passion burning while I am hard at work, and the green stone helps me attract more abundance financially.


5. Forgiveness Effect:

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The inability to forgive others as well as ourselves is not a foreign subject, but crystal can help!

Certain crystals can help remove blockages and emotions like resentment, sadness, and anger. Rhodonite is the first that comes to mind; it can help in releasing your love energy; it helps you face any situations with love and grace.

Also, Rhodochrosite can help in awakening your heart which enables you to let the things go and not dwell on the past.

To heal childhood pains, use Smithsonite. To release a past traumatic event, use Malachite.

You can hold these crystals in meditation to experience their effectiveness while forgiving a person you were trying to forgive for a long time.

Lastly, you can give the person you are trying to forgive these crystals as a symbol of forgiveness.


6. Psychic effect:

Moonstone_wikimedia crystal
Moonstone cabochon

Moonstone is used to increase intuitiveness.

Apophyllite or Labradorite as the best crystals to aid in aid in Angelic Contact.

Also, You can develop your intuitive power with the help of Azurite, Shattuckite and Apatite crystals.

In essence, crystals can help you get in the best shape of life on multiple levels.

They can improve almost all the aspects of your life including business, personal, love life, etc.

So, heal your health problems, remove your blockages, and set yourself free towards the life of love, success, and abundance with the help of these colorful and beautiful stones.

With Love and Light.

Ps. Have you used crystals in the past? If so what kind and what have you used it for?

I love reading your comments so keep them coming.