How To Raise Your Vibration and Make It Stick?

How To Raise Your Vibration and Make It Stick

Do you want to raise your vibration?

If your answer was a “Yes”, then you are at the right place!

2 weeks ago I did a  Facebook Show on the subject of activating the law of attraction. If you like to watch the episode, please go here.

One of the techniques I taught was how to raise your vibration high enough to activate the manifestation process.

I covered the point very well, but I felt that people could dive in deeper even to the art of raising their vibration.

Today, I am dedicating an entire article to the subject of how to raise your vibration and make it last!

But first, you need to understand what vibration means!

Everything in the entire world is made of energy.

Yes, everything, that means you and I, other people, plants, animals, objects, and everything we have ever known and will ever know – all that is made of energy that is vibrating at a certain level.

But today’s focus is on understanding vibration as it relates to us, humans!

I love Cassandra Sturdy‘s explanation of how humans are vibrational beings!

Cassandra explains that as a person you are a ‘being’ that is made up of different energetic levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each of these levels has its own vibrational frequency, which in whole creates your overall vibration of being.

When it comes to vibration, there are high and low frequencies, within us and around us.

In order to activate the law of attraction and live a life full of love, abundance and success, you need to vibrate at higher frequencies.

It is so important to pay attention to your vibrational level!

I cannot emphasize that enough – PAY ATTENTION at what level you are vibrating.

Because remember “likes attract likes” and if you go through life unaware of your vibration then guess what?

You’ll be attracting things to you that you either didn’t want in the first place or even worst you will be attracting highly undesirable events, people, and circumstances!

I am sure you don’t want to do that!

Here is the good news! You can control your vibration to match up with what you want to manifest in life.

Below we gonna explore 7 ways that you can utilize today to raise your vibration and make sure you are always vibrating at your highest level.

Raise Your Vibration In 7 Easy Ways:

1. Practice Gratitude.

This is my # 1 way to raise my vibration.

If I feel sad, mad, angry, lethargic, depressed or any other variation of low vibrational emotions, I get my journal and start listing all the things I am grateful for.

Being grateful and practicing gratitude is such an amazing way to raise your vibration effortlessly.

When you are thankful and focused on the good, you attract more of that and that’s the perfect way to get you and your vibration operating at the highest level that’s good for you and everyone around you!

2. Have a daily spiritual practice.

Another way to raise your vibration is to connect the mind, the body and the soul.

And, the best way to do that is to have a spiritual practice.

Here are few ideas:

1. Praying
2. Meditation
3. Affirmations
4. Relaxation

It really doesn’t matter what you do, just do something that inspires you and makes you feel connected to whatever you believe in.

I personally practice a combo of affirmations and meditation at the same time.

And when I am feeling fancy I even play some ambient music to enhance my experience.

3. Connect with mother nature:

This is one of my “Go-To” methods whenever I find myself vibrating at lower frequencies.

Mother Earth is a vibrational being that is always vibrating at the highest available frequencies.

Mother earth operates from a place of flow, abundance, love, and harmony.

So, whenever you find yourself low on energy or vibrating at lower frequencies, then it’s time to go all Nature-al 🙂 “Pun Intended. :)”

I love to walk barefoot on the grass as I feel the immediate connection with mother earth.

If that is not your cup of tea, then keep the shoes on and spend time in nature – explore mother earth’s gift to us and spend some quality time with her.

4. Take care of your body

Your body is like a vehicle, if you take care of it and put the right fuel in it, it will last forever, but if you neglect it and add crap to it, then you are almost guaranteed that it will breakdown sooner or later.

When you take care of your body by eating well, staying hydrated, doing physical and spiritual exercise, you raise your vibration.


Health and vitality have high vibrational frequencies, and when you take care of your body you are extending your health and vitality and in return, you are operating from a higher vibrational level.

5. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is an amazing tool when it comes to raising your vibration almost instantaneously!

When you practice mindfulness, you are allowing yourself to be fully present and in the moment.

And when you’re living in the moment, then you’re not living in the past or the future.

Unlike living in the past or the future which are lower vibrational activities, living in the moment is a high vibrational activity.

And when it comes to activating the law in our favor, raising your vibration needs to be your # 1 priority!

So ditch the clutter of the past, the worries of the future and BE MINDFUL today!

here is my top downloaded mindfulness meditation if you like to start a meditation practice today:


6. Get Musical

In my opinion, music can heal what medicine can’t.

So if you’re low on energy for whatever reason, then get musical!

Pop in your favorite CD or tune-in to your favorite raido channel and listen to some music.

7. Change your thoughts, change your vibration

I kept the best for last!

You are all familiar with the concept change your thoughts, change your life.

Well, why would life change if we have different thoughts?

Because thoughts have energy, and when we think positive thought then we are operating from a higher vibrational space.

So whenever you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, or speaking negative things, immediately shift your attention to something positive.

Every situation, even the worst of them, must have a silver lining – it’s your job to find it!

So, I am hoping to be the man who will coin this phrase now “change your thought, change your vibration and change your life.”

There you have it peeps, 7 amazing ways to take you from low to high vibration and doing it in a pinch.

Use them, re-use them and then re-use them a little bit more!

The more you raise your vibration, the more you attract things, events, and people to your life that add value and pleasure.

So till we chat again, love openly, live largely and vibrate highly!


P.s. please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below, and always remember to share the love <3