Five of The Best Meditation Apps

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Five of The Best Meditation Apps

I am sure you have heard the saying “Focus on the present moment,” or “Be present,” haven’t you?

But how? You might ask…

How can I focus on the now? How can I be present?

The answer: one word!



Yup, meditations helps a countless number of people around the globe stay centered and present in the current moment.

Articles have been popping up all over the internet and social media about meditation, mindfulness, living in the now, etc.

And while you might think from the title of the article, isn’t the whole idea of meditating is to disconnect and get centered, so why the heck are you telling me about smartphones and apps.

I know right!

But while smartphone may seem like a hindrance on your quest towards enlightenment (heck, they could very well be the reason you wanted to start meditation to begin with), these new smart devices are providing you with awesome apps that can make life easier in multiple ways.

These apps can help you on any goal you can imagine!

From achieving better health to decreasing stress level, and now there are some new apps that will help you with your # 1 goal of staying present and in the moment.

So don’t judge smartphones too fast!

Below we’ll explore five meditation apps that can help you with your daily meditation practice.

So whether you’re a newbie or on the cusp of Nirvana, there’s bound to be something in there for you.

Let’s begin:

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