Meditation Made Easy: Meditation For Dummies

Meditation-for-Dummies - Meditation Made Easy

If you meditate or been following meditation, you must’ve heard about the awesome benefits of meditation.

From increased clarity to sharper thinking. From reduced stress to lower blood pressure.

Goodness, even increased sexual pleasure has been confirmed by science as one of the positive effects of meditation.

But the million dollar question here is where and how to start?

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We’ll look no more!

Below, I got for you an awesome infographic poster that shows you 5 easy practices to start your meditation practice today.

I love how this infographic poster outlines simple strategies that can help you get the most out of your meditation practice.  Also, the poster talks about the importance of creating an ideal space for your meditation.

And, it teaches you how to prepare both your body and mind for entering a meditative state.

Last but not least, it teaches you the proper way to come out of your meditation so that you experience the amazing benefits that mediation offers.

Let’s take a look together:

Meditation Made Easy: Meditation For Dummies

Meditation-for-Dummies - Meditation Made Easy

Just click on the infographic above to enlarge it, or go here.

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Bonus: Go here to download a free 1-hour vision quest relaxation meditation.