The Power of Faith

The Power of Faith featured

Hi Friend,

Today, I am going to discuss a subject that’s quite close to my heart. It’s the subject of “FAITH.”

People always ask me: “Zane, do you pray?”

And, my answer has always been the same: I am a man of faith, and I consider myself a spiritual human being.

I always believed in the power of faith.

It doesn’t matter which religion or sect do you belong to as long as you believe and have faith in something.

I also am a believer in “The power of prayers.”

Personally, I prefer to use the word “Calling” instead of “Prayer” as the word prayer has been used and abused by so many ill-intentioned people who use it for their own malicious agendas.

Anyway, I think of calling as a sacred privilege. It is a form of connecting with the Almighty.

When I call, I imagine contacting God, The Lord, The Super Powers, Love or Whatever you like to call your God “I don’t judge” 🙂 … and have a 1-on-1 session with someone who always understands. I love that!

I try to imagine that whenever I call, Maybe He says “Awesome, it’s Zane calling.”

I certainly hope so because I call a lot!

Especially when I am under lots of pressure! And, who doesn’t?

I am going to share with you my method of stress elimination.

Meet the “Stress Through Calling, or STC.”

The method goes as follow: Call, Discuss and Take Action.

I do that regardless of what stressing me is personal or business related. I try to incorporate “Calling” in all parts of my life even the most intimate ones.

Calling is our form communicating with the super power that know everything. That can guide us, help us make better choices and best of all console us when we fall.

It is important to create that communication channel.

It enhances our relationship with the Mighty and will permeate into every part of our being.

Through “Calling” we will find the peace to reduce our stress while we are weathering the current storm.

Through our relationship with the ultimate power, we will find the strength to take inspired action that will get back on track.

Here are 10 of ways I practice callings in my personal and professional life:

  1. Start-of-the-day prayer: before I even get out of bed, I give thanks for the gift of life and waking up.
  2. I call God to reveal to me the things I am doing wrong.
  3. I call him to guide me through my week and to show me if my actions or attitudes are in line with my real self.
  4. I call for opportunities for growth. I am going to elaborate on this one as it might be confusing. Just think as follow, you are in a not-too-good of a situation that is frustrating and quite upsetting. Just look up and Ask the ultimate power “What’s this situation is trying to teach me?” or
    “How can I learn and expand from this experience?”
  5. I also use calling in my business. I always ask the Almighty whenever I am going into a new venture for guidance. I also ask him to bless all my work and my efforts.
  6. Meditative Calling, when I meditate, I always try to connect with the super powers. I ask to be enlightened, and to feel the presence of God.
  7. Give your burdens to Him – whenever I feel overwhelmed, I go to a quiet place and have a calling session where I ask the Almighty to help ease my suffering. It’s quite tangible; you’ll feel it too – give it a try!
  8. End-of-Day prayer, that’s the time where I give thanks and love for all that I have received and ask for guidance and love to carry on for the next day!

So, on a scale from 1-10, where you at on the Stress Meter?

Since it is Saturday, rank your stress right now. One everything is just dandy; ten everything is just crap!

Now, try some of these methods I showed you to keep the communication with God going this week.

Lift up your heart to Him for guidance and clarity!

Try it and see if your stress meter comes down at the end of the week.

Remember, it is okay to call just about anything.

Oh, and share with me your favorite form of prayer in the comments below. Let’s try to grow this list to 20, but I need your help for that!