How to Set Your Day for Financial Success

How to Set Your Day for Financial Success

The only way to permanently change the temperature in the room is to reset the thermostat. In the same way, the only way to change your level of financial success ‘permanently’ is to reset your financial thermostat. But it is your choice whether you choose to change.

In this article by ( – she explores how to how to set your day for Financial Success?

When I wake up without a plan, aside from feeling frazzled, rushed, and completely unprepared, my finances feel the brunt of the affects. Money spent haphazardly bridges gaps that wouldn’t be there had I put some thought into what my schedule demanded.

Even if it takes a small bite out of your sleeping time, taking a few moments to get organized and think ahead can not only stop financial leaks, but lessen your overall stress as well.

Here are 3 ways to set your day up for financial success.

Know what your day holds and plan meals ahead

Are you sitting in the office all day and then heading home afterwards? Or are you going from meeting to meeting, picking up kids from school, and heading to an after-work event?

If you try to squeeze food stops into an already packed schedule, you’ll likely take on the “whatever-is-easiest” mentality. This is generally bad for your waistline (a drive-thru burger and fries is easier to grab on the go than anything else), and bad for your wallet.

Not to mention, too many decisions have been found to actually impair our ability to make good decisions overall – something that might start with too many choices for lunch and extend to brain exhaustion in the office.

Make it easier on yourself and map out your meals for the day, including everything from breakfast to lunch and all the snacks in between. But whatever you do, make it something you’ll actually want to eat. It’s easy to get tempted by that fast food sign when you’ve packed something you don’t like or won’t be satisfied by.

Another lifesaver? A travel mug that keeps your coffee – or breakfast drink of choice – at the optimal temperature. I might prepare coffee at home that I don’t get around to drinking until 3 hours later, but it’s magically still hot. This helps eliminate the nagging voice in my head that says I should run across the street for a new cup.

Shoot for a no-spend day

Do you make a series of small expenditures during the workweek? It’s easy to do – a coffee here, a bag of chips there. Multiply that by 20 days, and you’ll notice a steady flow of useless money leaving your wallet.

If this problem sounds familiar, challenge yourself to at least one no-spend day a week. The payoff for this is two-fold: it will help you be more mindful with how you…

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