10 Reasons Why Adult Coloring Books Are Good for You

Adult Coloring Books

Lately, adult coloring books have become quite trendy.

You might ask yourself, how come all a sudden adult coloring books became such a phenomenon.

If you are one of these people who are wondering, then you’re in luck!

Today, I have dedicated this entire article to how adult coloring books can help you in multiple ways.

First, I find it very important that I mention that clinical psychologists strongly believe that adult coloring books are truly good for you because it’s an activity that can help relax the brain’s fear center – the amygdala – and thus helps you become more relaxed in general.

You know, relaxed brain; relax you!

Also, coloring bring back memories from when we were kids with no worries in the world, thus they help stressed-out adults feel like they are kids again.

Coloring can actively affect the region of the brain that controls your fear and relaxation. Not only coloring adult books are healthy for your brain and emotions, they are also fundamentally fun, giving you pleasure while you relax.

But aside from relaxation and stress-relief, adult coloring books have other indirect benefits to your health.

So let’s dive in and explore the top 10 reasons why adult coloring books are definitely good and healthy for you:

  1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Of all the reasons or benefits of adult coloring books for your health, the most notable is the way it can effectively reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. As mentioned before, the coloring activity targets the amygdala, the fear region of the brain. Coloring adult books allows this part of the brain to relax and when the brain gets the rest it needs, it eventually reduces the overall stress-level you may feel.

  1. Increases Creativity

Coloring is art, and art is ALWAYS fun. Therefore, coloring is definitely a fun activity. And when you are having fun, your mental juices are going, so the simple activity of coloring will help you generate and increase your creativity. So, the next time you have a free time at your hand, get your coloring books ready and let your creativeness go wild. When your creativity is flowing, you will be more productive, better at problem solving and best of all you feel like you can do anything.

  1. Helps Train the Brain to Focus

Apart from your creativity, adult coloring books can also help your brain to focus. When you color, you want to make sure that the colors stay between the lines and that takes focus without being too stressed. According to clinical psychologists, this activity can help you focus your mind which can also help your critical skills and intellectual capacity.

  1. Exercises Fine Motor Skills

Similarly, another reasons why you should take up coloring adult books is that with it, your fine motor skills can be significantly improved. The fact is that, this particular activity needs for the brain’s two hemispheres to work together and when that happens, your creativity, logic, fine motor skills and more are improved.

  1. Exercises Your Vision

Just like with your fine motor skills, when the two hemispheres of the brain communicates and work together, which in turn exercises your eyes and can improve vision.

  1. Enhances One‘s Social Skills

Coloring books are usually solo-activity, but since the trend of adult coloring books, it already became social. Now, there comes coloring parties where adults can socialize and comfortably draw with others. Coloring adult books have become more social activity since you don’t really need too much concentration when doing so, thus you can talk and have a drink with others – a great way to enhance your social skills.

  1. Coloring is All about You

Coloring is a very simple activity. It is uncomplicated and involves only you and nothing or no one else. As such, it makes it one great “me” time activity where you don’t have to please or compete with anyone. You can take your time coloring the book and no one will criticize you if you accidentally colored outside of the line. This is your “me” time so you can do whatever you want to.

  1. Coloring is a Prescribed Therapy

Although adult coloring books are the latest trend, it has been a prescribed therapy for well over 100 years. Carl Jung was the first psychologists to have suggested coloring as a therapy to his psychiatry patients. Jung has used adult coloring books to help patients in accessing their subconscious mind, relaxing their conscious mind and giving his patients the rest they needed.

  1. Coloring Can Reduce Negativity

Coloring is an activity that has been used effectively to fights off negative habits, helping people with emotional and mental health issues. For those who are riddled with boredom, stress, depression, anger issues, substance abuse, coloring can help reduce the focus on these things and bring the consciousness to the current moment, leading to a more optimistic and easy-going outlook on life.

  1. Coloring Channels a Worry-Free Lifestyle

Adult coloring books are tools used for coping up with stress, depression and other negative issues in your life. It can, even for a while, bring back happier times, relaxes you and help you gain self-knowledge. This way, you no longer have to dwell with things that hurt or stress you. In the end, it is a very effective activity to channel a worry-free lifestyle.

In conclusion, coloring books may seem like children activity, but it certainly is not. This is an activity that is helpful to you whether your day is always hectic or if you are a homebody. I spent the past 900 words or so giving not one but 10 reasons why adult coloring books are good for you, so the next time you are at Michael’s or Barnes & Nobles try picking up an adult coloring book and start enjoying the  therapeutic, intellectual and health benefits that coloring offers!

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